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The environment is living with movement and energy in a state of continuous excitement. Our existence is pointless as long as we will gain the ability to distribute the allotted time for us to its improvement and development, including the physical, through conscious movement. Everything in the physical world is in perpetual vibration. From the tiny atom to the greatest of the heavenly body - everything is moving, nothing is fixed in nature. A single atom, if it stopped in its movement, would destroy the universe. In a continuous motion of the universe is made all the work. On the matter of constantly acting energy, creating an infinite variety of forms which give rise to other, etc.

Atoms of the human body is in constant vibration, in which continuous changes occur in a few months is almost a complete change of the atoms.

In any vibration to be found a rhythm. Rhythm pervades the universe. The motion of the planets around the sun, lifting and lowering of the sea during the ebb and flow of the heart beat - all the laws should be rhythmic. All plants, all animals there is only an expression of the same law. All movements are manifestations of the law of rhythm.

The motion includes all movements in space and time: current status and configuration of the body and its parts, including - breathing, eating, speech, blood circulation and digestion. And it provides all the musculoskeletal system under the influence of the nervous system.

The nervous system is mainly occupied by the movement. The movement is the nervous system, more than anything else, because we can not feel, feel, or think without a diverse and complex

sequential movements, controlled by the brain, aimed at maintaining the body in a gravitational field.

Any movement begins with muscle activity. Vision, speech, hearing, even require muscular effort. Each movement is taken into account not only the co-ordination, spatial and internal precision, but also in intensity. Prolonged muscle relaxation makes the movement slow and weak, and the strain creates a jerky motion shackled. And in fact, appears in another state of mind and motive of action. Thus, in violation of neurotics can be found in muscle tone to match the type of the disease. At the same time, aspects such actions as Rhythm and coordination may be normal.

ATTENTION PARENTS, teachers, preschools and schools. If the child spine is not developed normally, then he will have difficulty in movements that require precise sense of balance, and he will always have to put a conscious effort to ensure that other children do naturally. Such a child will develop a completely different way - he would have to think about the situation in advance and prepare for it, because it can not rely on a spontaneous reaction. These difficulties undermine his self-confidence and prevent it from developing natural inclination.

Perfect motion (right movement) improve the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Thinking is not developing in HARMONY with the human body, prevents the development. Mental process, not connected with reality, does not create the thoughts, just as well, random muscle contractions do not produce movement or action. Normal development is always in harmony. With the development of the individual parts grow, improve and gain strength, and because of this, the whole is moving towards total perfection.

The harmonious development of human remains more important than the one-sided. Thinking, divorced from other aspects of human life, gradually becoming infertile.

Movement - the basis of consciousness. We are aware of what's going on inside of us, mainly due to the muscles. A small portion of this information goes to us through the shell, ie through the skin, mucous membrane of the digestive tract and respiratory tract, as well as the inner surfaces of the mouth and nose.

Motion - a breath. The human skeleton is organized in such a way that is almost impossible to breath correctly without a satisfactory arrangement of bodies in a gravitational field. Reorganization of breath can be as much as we indirectly improve the organization of skeletal muscles, improving posture and movement.

And what is good posture?

Stand correctly - not to stand up straight. Saying "stand up straight," we almost always have in mind - vertically. However, if we look at a perfect skeleton, we find only two areas that are more or less vertical position - cervical and lumbar spine. The word "directly" is misleading and is meant purely aesthetic view. It is not useful or accurate and can not serve as a criterion for error correction.

For example, a man injured his back and could not straighten it. How can he sit or stand? Can he use his body properly, efficiently and gracefully? There are people who have suffered significant damage to bone structure, but who found incredible precision, elegance and usefulness. The concept is "straightness" to them does not apply.

From this it follows that any position is acceptable if it is not against the law of nature, consisting in the fact that the skeleton must withstand the force of gravity, leaving the muscles free to move around. The nervous system and skeletal structure is developed along under the influence of the gravitational field in such a way that the skeleton has to support the body without expending energy. If your muscles have to do the job of the skeleton, they are not only useless to expend energy, but also distracted from their core functions - changes in body position, ie movements.

In case of incorrect posture muscles do the work of bones. To correct posture, it is important to understand that distorted the response of the nervous system to gravity, to which each part of the whole system adapted throughout the existence of the human species. This involves electrical impulses coming from other places of the nervous system, the group spends a conscious action, the other - the voltage anti-gravity muscles, as if balancing the body.

How does the traffic on the internal state of the body:

  • strengthens the cardiovascular system. This is the blood vessels that supply blood to all organs and, very importantly, the brain. Keep this in mind parents, teachers, if you want your children to learn better teaching materials, a person with a history of stroke, heart attack.
  • prevents insulin predisposition. This is the most accessible way to stop the main source of brain aging that occurs due to an imbalance of sugar and insulin levels. People with diabetes do not forget to move.
  • eliminates effects of stress, increasing the resistance to it.
  • improves the emotional state and the function of neurotransmitters. It helps with depression better than any antidepressant, increasing serotonin (a neurotransmitter of happiness) and dopamine (a neurotransmitter energeziruyuschy), maintaining the balance of neurotransmitters.
  • reduces inflammation and improves immune function.
  • increases endorphins - natural painkillers of the body.
  • increases overall motivation and interest in life.
  • enhances neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. It improves existing brain communication, sets a new, stimulating the generation of new neurons and protects them from death.
  • restores hormonal balance and increases levels of testosterone and growth hormone balancing fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone.
  • prevents cancer, senility, premature aging and increases longevity.

Most people today in the civilized world does not get enough physical activity. The movement of the car, sitting at work and generally sedentary lifestyle weakens the musculoskeletal system, acidic body. There is hypoxia of the brain, especially among schoolchildren, disturbed digestion, and it's all the negative consequences of such a lifestyle.

To activate this exercise. Walk every day, walk in the park, play with their children, etc. Anything can be a workout, just to get your body moving. Maintaining physical fitness is indispensable for maintaining good health.

Movement - this is one of the main components of the Health Formula, basically, based on therapeutic exercises healers East (Burma, India, China), the Americas, Europe, and Russia. Over 30 years of gymnastics adapted by European man. Daily activities can improve the metabolism, the brain to concentrate, eliminate fatigue and irritation. For those who do not have a lot of time, provided a shortened version of effective exercises.

Anyone who wants to do gymnastics will find a useful exercise. Pediatricians, teachers gymnastics in schools should pay more attention to the exercises that strengthen the load on the cervical and krestsovo-lumbar spine, increasing oksiginatsii. For this purpose it is necessary to perform complex "HEALTHY CHANGE", which includes sipping on a chair exercises, breathing exercises for stress relief, joint exercises, self-massage. This complex does not require much time, and if managers are interested in the effective work of its employees, then this complex can be repeated 2-3 times per day without affecting production. The problem lies in training gymnastics in school, high school, at work. To date, no clear program of training of such specialists.

The effectiveness of gymnastics manifested in various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, especially for back pain. With the use of post isometric relaxation exercises can avoid surgical intervention. These exercises have helped many to get rid of pain. A set of exercises to strengthen back muscles, abdomen, positively affects not only the elimination of pain syndromes, but also reduce weight.

Lying on his stomach, legs straight and knees off the floor, hands in front of chest at shoulder level. On the inhale to raise the corpus on the exhale, breathing in rhythm, - to omit. Repeat 10 times - and the rise in the last case on record for 10 seconds.

Remaining in a prone position, arms extend along the body. On the inhale lift leg 15-20 cm, the body is pressed (very important), the lower the exhalation, not touching the floor. Repeat 10 times on the long run to fix the legs at an angle of 45 ° for 10 sec.

At the end of exercise to make a calming breath.

When performing abdominal exercise improves blood circulation, massage internal organs, increases blood flow to the chest, head, raises oksiginatsiya.

In confined spaces are essential exercises with materials at hand. Enough to house a pair of rubber balls. Such a package that runs every 15-20 minutes to replace going to the fitness club. Boating on the buttocks and down the room back and forth for 10 meters to replace the energy cost of movement of 100 meters on straight legs.

Exercises with dumbbells, sticks and strengthen not only the muscles of the arms, back, but actively act on the brain, improving coordination.

Appeal to bed-sick!

Do not give your enemy - disease. Improve your quality of life. Start now with simple movements of the foot (rotation), lifting legs, feet, stretching, exercises for arms, head. Construct a bar over the bed, do it with the help of exercises for the arms, legs and body. Practice shows. That even the most hopeless patients who have lost mobility, began to feel better, cheer up. Do not be lazy, do what is possible. Movements should be deliberate, accompanied by a breath, and, believe me, you will change your life for the better.

In gymnastics Changi Myanmar manual massage is used as part of a medical complex. Massage aims to eliminate pain, restore function and spinal osteo-articular apparatus.

Soft and smooth effects - such is the technique of this massage. There are no sharp and ryvkovye techniques that positively affects the body. In his arsenal are exercises for various diseases. The greatest effect on employment is achieved in nature. The results of exercise are seen after 3-4 days and 10 days training a person pulls the stomach, decreased weight, strengthen muscles, improve general condition, is stress. Increased vitality.

When you exercise should not be rushed, and hopes for quick results. Sometimes, to achieve the result it is necessary to make an effort to suppress my pride, too lazy to fix. This is especially true for children. We adults are responsible for the fact that investing in them the seed HEALTH accustom to keep him from childhood to old age not to be frustrated and helpless. Integral part of FORULY HEALTH - movement - can be healthy and prolong life. Exercise and learning process contributes to the formation of new brain cells.

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