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Breathe - it means to live without no breath of life. Not only the higher animals depend on in their lives and health from breathing, but all living organisms. Plants also need to breathe to live.

Born a child takes a deep breath, holds the air in the lungs to get more out of life-giving energy, and then slowly exhale it, and began life for him. The old man gives off a faint breath, his breath is cut off - and life ceases.

From the first deep breath of the child to the last breath is a dying old man's long life DC BREATH.

A person can live for some time without food, without water for more difficult, but only a few minutes, he can live without air renewal in the lungs by breathing. From proper breathing, and depends entirely on the duration of his life, and freedom from disease. Prudent management of the breath - breathing exercises, exercises, which continue today on the ground, increasing the life force and ability to resist, on the other hand, incomplete and careless breathing shortens our lives, reducing our vitality and increasing the risk of disease.

My teacher from the "golden country" Myanmar martial arts have HIC Klein said: "A long breath - a long life."

Civilization has changed a lot in a person and as a result - the wrong way to walk, stand, sit, breathe, eat. He pays dearly for it. Improper breathing - a hollow concave chest and shoulders, an increasing number of diseases of the respiratory tract, brain, gastrointestinal tract, hypoxia, especially among schoolchildren. For the modern man should be clear close relationship between health and proper breathing, respiratory training exercises are necessary to maintain health.

The process of respiration depends on the main gas in the atmosphere - oxygen. Oxygen is an oxidizer for combustion of organic matter. Carbon dioxide regulates all metabolic processes of substances in the body, stimulates breathing, facilitates the expansion of the brain, heart, muscle, is involved in maintaining the necessary acidity of the blood, increases the reserves of the organism and the immune system.

Essential oxygen for the life of an organism is known for a long time. Productive work of the brain depends on the amount of oxygen. The third part of it enters the brain, and the higher the volume, the more effective the result. The brain is able to activate those areas which do not operate in low blood flow. At the same time starts to slow down the aging process of the brain and death of its cells, which inevitably occurs during oxygen starvation.

Oxygen enters the brain through the bloodstream. In the blood circulation affects age factor. After 30 years, when the circulation becomes less efficient, running the aging process may delay due to respiratory gymnastics lessons and improve cerebral circulation. Performing complex breathing exercises will increase blood flow to the brain, and therefore more blood will flow through the veins.

Enhanced drainage creates the added benefit of helping to remove toxins and waste products.

Daily exercise promotes the growth of carbon dioxide levels in the blood, and it stimulates deeper breathing, which removes carbon dioxide, replacing it with oxygen.

The supply of oxygen is largely dependent on how the person is breathing. Proper breathing breathing exercises and activities involve the use of total lung volume, so that the body receives the maximum amount of oxygen.

The air enters the lungs through the movement of the diaphragm. When the diaphragm is stretched, the volume of the chest and lungs expand and air is part of the void. When compressing the diaphragm and lungs decreased chest, squeezing the air out of himself. To understand what happens to the air in the lungs, to address the issue of blood circulation. The blood is pushed into the heart arteries, through which enters the small vessels, spreading to all parts of the body, then returned in a different way through the veins into the heart of which is being chased into the lungs. In the arteries the blood flows bright red and rich zhiznenosnymi properties, and returns back through the veins of blue, an impoverished and heavy burdened decay products. The breath fills the lungs with air, and oxygen comes in contact with venous blood. Blood captures oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. If the fresh air does not penetrate into the bloodstream in sufficient quantities, venous blood can not be purified and, therefore, the body does not dopoluchit proper nutrition, and decomposition products back into the network of blood circulation, poisoning the body.

When the oxygen comes in contact with blood, it connects with hemoglobin and is keen to every body, restoring and enhancing it with new materials.

Digestion is directly dependent on sufficient oxidation of food material, the oxygen in the blood comes in contact with the sap extracted from food, so the necessary lessons breathing exercises that were delivered to the lungs enough oxygen. WEAK LUNGS - BAD PISCHEVANIRENIE. Every particle of food before they become assimilated to the body, must be oxidized by oxygen. Lack of oxygen leads to a lack of food, cleaning the body, breathing exercise therapy helps to cope with these problems.

Anyone who knows how to breathe deeply, protects itself from disease. Deep breathing - breathing exercises - exercises organs and muscles of the intestine. Classes are breathing exercises set in motion the whole lung breathing apparatus, every cell, every muscle. From respiratory gymnastics you get the maximum benefit with minimum energy expenditure. Aperture provides the greatest assistance to an easy and acts as a gentle massage on the internal organs, allowing the normal flow of blood to the organs of digestion and excretion.

Respiratory gymnastics helps us cope with stress in the modern world often talk about stress. Many of us feel the adrenaline rush because of the small quarrels, automobile accident, terrorist attack or even from thinking about the potential dangers - and how these situations affect our bodies. Stress response is controlled by the command and control center of the brain called the hypothalamus. During the stress increases its hormone - cortisol, which damages the hypothalamus. Excessive stress is literally eats away the brain, increases the level of inflammation and inflammatory cytokines:

  • reduces the natural relaxation of the
  • increased depression and anxiety
  • damages the hypothalamus, which leads to memory loss
  • lowers serotonin levels
  • lowers the level of growth hormone
  • a negative effect on sleep
  • improves insulin resistance
  • violates thyroid function
  • increases for fats in the bloodstream, the level of harmful cholesterol.
  • increases blood viscosity and increased platelet count - a way to strokes and heart attacks
  • promotes loss of muscle mass.

Can you resist it?

Spiritual practices such as meditation, breathing exercises complexes, as well as comprehension of the nature of the mind, allows control of their emotions, develop tolerance and empathy. Use these practices to develop their mind and disposition. Healthy Mind - Healthy Body. Tibetan monks are able to quickly slow their physiological processes, respiration, heart rate, lower blood pressure and pulse generating soothing. They have learned to act on the vagus nerve, which serves antidote for stress response. This nerve - a natural system of balance in our body. It comes from the brain and is related to the parasympathetic nervous system which controls our relaxation response.

"Health Formula" offers breathing exercises, videos, course exercises, which allow you to independently activate the vagus nerve:

  1. drop to the floor, put a knee roll (blanket, pillow, that is).
    • put his hand on hand on the solar plexus, elbows lightly pressed strongly push the chest
    • do a little breath and start to do a short breath in and out the nose, breathing dog
    • continue this exercise for 10-15 seconds., relax and repeat it 2-3 times.
  2. remaining in this position, move the hand on the navel
    • do the same breath of his mouth only, actively working the stomach, trying to "dump arms", repeat 2-3 times.
  3. make a calming breath:
    • belly breath for 8 seconds., Delay 4 sec., exhale for 6 seconds. - Repeat 5-6 times.

This, part of the breathing exercises exercise stimulates the vagus nerve, the level of cortisol is reduced, improving ventilation, enlarged blood vessels, eliminating hypoxia. Exercise is a good preventive against stress, strokes, heart attacks.

Correct breathing begins with the abdomen, then moves into the chest, shoulders, uses, and on the exhale - first down the abdomen, then chest and shoulders.

Many exercise respiratory exercise therapy to help stimulate and develop a deep breath. The process of breathing, among other things responsible for the removal of the intercellular exchange of products due to the movement of lymph.

Deep breathing used during meditation affects the condition of the body. Reduces muscle tension. Attenuated heart rate, lowers blood pressure. Content increases happiness hormone (endorphin). Relaxing effect of meditation helps a person to escape from everyday problems, which improves health and improves brain function.

Stand up straight, reduce arm and back of your hand while inhaling slowly lift your hands up in the midline of the body, pause briefly, and slowly exhale, lower your arms through the side, make a short inhalation podcherpyvayuschee movement of hands and release them to the level of individuals. Then slowly exhale, your arms at the belly, down his leg to the side. Repeat 5-6 times. Practice this breathing daily, this allows you to remove nervous tension, which helps pupils and students before the exams, business - before the talks.

Included in the complex breathing exercises, exercises such as "crocodile posture", "fetal position" involve the hypothalamic - pituitary - adrenal glands - the thyroid - the intestines. The system, which manages the bilateral relationship between our thoughts and feelings, hormones, immune system and intestine.

Pursuing a respiratory exercise therapy, you learn to breathe correctly, relax, you tear a vicious cycle that does not allow you to wake up happy and enjoy life. Through the breath we are trying to get rid of congestion that occurred on a spiritual level. Anyone who breathes consciously, making it a long breath, able to look at their lives more sensibly.

A man with a long breath, ONLY a prosperous man - he was also granted a long life.

People always absorbed in haste and bustle, breathing hard and often. In turn, a rare breath even points to the domestic tranquility of man and makes me think that he still has a long career.

Chinese teacher, Sun Shan in his book describes the breathing exercise daily lying down, soothe your spirit, let dry up the flow of thoughts. Squeeze his fists, breathe through your nose and exhale through the mouth. The flow of your breathing will become very light and weak. When you are filling your lungs, hold your breath for as you can and as soon as you feel that is no longer able to hold your breath, breathe slowly and silently. Breathe in and then a little over and over again Hold the air in the lungs. When you attain success in this great exercise and you can, holding your breath, count to a thousand, you will not need any more bread or medicine.

Indeed, given the nature of the quality of life is - Breathing. To use it throughout their lives - the success of longevity.

Extend their life SAM, protect the health to a ripe old age.

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